Kelly Jebo, Client Care Advocate

Mission Statement

My mission at Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care is to be a kind and welcoming Client Care Advocate, facilitating communication between our doctors, nurses, and valued clients. I aim to be thoughtful and compassionate in every endeavor, especially when caring for the special families we support.

Bio Statement

“I joined the Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care team because I believe in the philosophy of care and love that is carried through to each client and patient here. I have a compassionate heart for animals and the people who love them! I know that animals are important members of our families, and I consistently see that where there are animals cared for, there is an abundance of peace, love, and happiness. This is the kind of environment that brings me joy and fulfillment, and my goal is to see these qualities overflow to the clients, patients, and coworkers who surround me.”


Communications and Linguistics – College of Charleston

Loves of My Life

I have two purrfect cats, Henry and Monica who bring me joy and love every day. They are a special pair because both of them had lived unsuccessfully with other cats in the past, but with thoughtful slow introductions, they grew to love, snuggle, and groom each other like siblings.

I love to make jewelry and I do a lot of crafty household projects. I also love riding my bike around town and walking through parks. There’s something therapeutic about feeling and hearing the rain! Day trips to the beach, fresh fruits, picnics, and walks up Mt. Tabor are some of my favorite things.

I’ve been a vegan since 2012, and I enjoy cooking and experimenting with recipes. I love that I can incorporate my passion for animals into both my professional and personal lives.

My other interests and passions include HAES and body positivity, GRSM rights, environmentalism, good music, linguistics and languages, and laughter among friends.