Meet Our Nurses


Melissa Guila, CVT, Lead Veterinary Nurse

My mission is to share my compassion for our animal friends, educating our clients to help their pets live healthy and comfortably, taking care to cater to each of their unique personalities with gentle, precise, and practical techniques. Read More


Laura Vesh, CVT, Veterinary Nurse

My mission is to support and nurture the human-animal bond between our clients and their pets. As a veterinary nursing professional, I seek to provide the highest level of patient care based on science and research, and to always listen to what our four-legged friends tell us without words. Through cooperation and team work, I hope to contribute to the greater whole to ensure our pets are happy and healthy. Read More

Katy Bohanna Web Photo

Katy Bohanna, CVT, Veterinary Nurse

My mission here at Mt. Tabor Vet Care is to facilitate and improve the bond between pets and their families through medicine, teamwork and the love of all living things. I feel lucky to be able to work with such educated and open-minded staff, cutting edge technology, charming pets and kind, caring clients. Read More

Jaclyn Benglian Web Photo

Jaclyn Benglian, CVT, Veterinary Nurse

My mission as a veterinary nurse is to provide gold standard care to both my patients and clients. I love that as a veterinary professional I am able to play such an important role in my patients’ lives, and I value the trust that my clients give to me in helping them care for their beloved family member. Read More


Nettle Sinoradzki, Veterinary Nurse Assistant

My mission at Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care is to always treat patients, clients, and co-workers with compassion and respect, and to acknowledge everyone as an individual in the midst of busy days at the clinic. I try to always remember that our patients do not understand what we are doing and help them feel as safe as they can. Read More


Matt Gordon, Veterinary Nurse Assistant

My mission at Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care is to utilize my skills and knowledge as a Veterinary Nurse to help owner’s make informed decisions while helping to enrich the lives of their furry companions. Read More


Katie Kyle Smith, Veterinary Nurse Assistant

My mission here at Mt Tabor Veterinary Care is to provide exceptional care to our furry family members. I strive to educate clients how to help provide the best life for their pets and to help them understand the veterinary services they are receiving. It is important to me that each patient and client feel as comfortable and fear free as possible during each interaction, leaving confident that they received the best veterinary care for them. Read More