Dental Procedures

Dental procedures/cleanings are the most frustrating and difficult procedures to estimate. We want to give accurate estimates so clients know what to expect before their pet goes under anesthesia for a procedure, but it is very difficult to judge what will need to be done until we examine the patient’s mouth thoroughly. We strive to keep people informed as we find issues while their pet is under anesthesia and save teeth whenever possible, although extraction is often the best way to treat a painful or infected tooth. We require all patients to have current lab testing within 90 days in order to undergo anesthesia.

Dental Procedure Prices

  • Pre-anesthetic exam (included)
  • IV catheter with fluids ($60)
  • Propofol induction with Sevoflurane anesthesia (30 minutes)* ($150-165, based on weight)
  • Additional anesthesia ($0-135)
  • Bair Hugger patient warmer ($40)
  • Multiparameter monitor (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygenation, carbon dioxide, and temperature) ($45)
  • Comprehensive dental health exam and treatment ($95)
  • Oravet Professional application ($30)
  • Pre-anesthetic Laboratory Testing ($205-310)
  • Full mouth radiographs ($125-175)

Basic Dental Procedure Price (no extractions): $550-$850

Total for Dental Procedure Price (with extractions): $1,000-2,500
*this may be more for very extended procedures*

* some procedures require up to 90 minutes or longer