Meet Our Doctors


Krissy Bussmann, DVM, Co-Owner & Lead Veterinarian

It is my mission as a co-owner and lead veterinarian at Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care to grow as a brave, effective, and compassionate leader to my team, and to provide a comfortable and safe workplace – all the while continuing to provide comprehensive and loving care to my patients and their families, to empower them with the knowledge and options they need to make empathetic choices for their beloved pets, and to help my patients be as comfortable as possible in the veterinary setting. Read More


Lisa Williams, DVM, Co-Owner & Veterinarian

It is my honor and my life’s calling to treat each and every pet as I would my own by providing a safe and comfortable environment for both clients and their pets in which we, together, provide the best veterinary care in an open and compassionate manner. It is my goal to see that every client leaves the clinic knowing that they received the best possible care they could for their pet given each individual circumstance. Read More


Danielle Skloven, DVM

It is my mission as a veterinarian at Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care to support both the physical and emotional health of my patients at every stage of life. The special bond between humans and their animal companions is such a wonderful gift. Anyone who has known this bond has no doubt experienced a friendship that is unlike any other. For me, each day practicing medicine is an opportunity to give back to these incredible beings who have given me so much. Read More