inclusive care for your pet

We believe that to be truly effective in veterinary care, it’s important for clients to be educated and involved in each step of the process. We’ll work with you to provide information and education, and determine your specific needs and expectations for your pet.

wellness care

Keeping your pets in good health means giving them a great quality of life and keeping a long-lasting connection with them.
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Addressing your pet’s behavior issues gives them a better quality of life and helps to build understanding and improved relationships between you and your pet.


Feeding a healthy diet and keeping your pets at their lean body weight can extend their lives and keep them comfortable as they age and even help address chronic medical conditions.

dental care

Caring for your pet’s oral health is an important part of wellness care. Dental disease can cause systemic illness and painful teeth are difficult to detect and can lead to a decrease in quality of life.
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Managing your pet’s health and wellness includes considering surgical procedures. From elective spay and neuter procedures, to skin mass removals and internal surgery you need to be an informed participant to make the best decisions and to understand how to nurse your pet at home post-operatively.
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Providing the best care for your pet when they are ill includes your necessary participation. From providing the history of events leading up to the illness, to interpreting your pets response to therapy and nursing care you are an integral part of your pet’s healing.

To truly develop a relationship with our clients, we feel that transparency and involvement are key – in that spirit, we list many of our prices here on the website. Of course, individual situations vary greatly, but we hope to show that our prices are very reasonable for the level of service we provide.