Dental Procedures

Dental procedures/cleanings are the most frustrating and difficult procedures to estimate. We will not be able to give an accurate estimate until we examine your pet's mouth thoroughly under anesthesia. We strive to keep you informed if we find issues while your pet is under anesthesia and save teeth whenever possible. However, extraction may be the best way to treat a painful or infected tooth. We require all patients to have current lab testing within 90 days in order to undergo anesthesia.

Dental Procedure Prices - patients must already be established with current bloodwork

  • Included:
    • Premedication to reduce anxiety
    • IV catheter and fluids
    • Individualized anesthetic care and monitoring
    • Comprehensive dental cleaning, charting, and assessment
    • Full mouth radiographs
    • Oravet application
    • Anesthetic recovery care and monitoring
  • Feline: $650-$700
  • Small dog (< 20lb): $750-$800
  • Medium dog (20-40lb): $850-$900
  • Large dog (>40lb): $950-$1,000
  • Heavy tartar removal: $183
  • These fees DO NOT include extractions, which are determined at the time of the procedure and assessment