Spay/Neuter Procedure and Prices

According to the Humane Society, every day in the United States thousands upon thousands of puppies and kittens are born because of the uncontrolled breeding of pets. Add to that number the offspring of stray and abandoned companion animals, and the total becomes even more staggering. Every year, between six and eight million dogs and cats enter U.S. shelters; some three to four million of these animals are euthanized because there are not enough homes for them.

We believe in spaying and neutering as a way to prevent pet overpopulation. Because of our commitment to helping prevent unwanted litters we have made our spays and neuters affordable while still maintaining our highest level of care. For our ESTABLISHED patients with current labwork, all of our spays and neuters include:

  • Pre-anesthetic physical exam
  • Premedication
  • IV catheter and fluids*
  • Warmed air patient warmer
  • Multiparameter monitor
    (including blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen level, blood carbon dioxide, and temperature)
  • IV induction and sevoflurane anesthesia
  • Spay/neuter surgical procedure
  • Local anesthetic block at incision
  • Dissolvable internal sutures
  • Pain medication injections
  • Pain medication to go home
  • E-collar

* We do not run IV fluids for our cat neuters as it is a short procedure. An IV catheter is placed for safety.

Spay/Neuter Prices for Established Patients with current labwork (includes all items listed above)

  • Cat Neuter - $240
  • Cat Spay - $480
  • Dog Neuter (<40lb) - $480
  • Dog Neuter (40-80lb) - $590
  • Dog Neuter (>80lb) - $700
  • Dog Spay (<20lb) - $535
  • Dog Spay (20-40lb) - $650
  • Dog Spay (40-80lb) - $750
  • Dog Spay (>80lb) - $850
  • Mature Dog Fee (>9 months) - $193
  • In Heat/Pregnancy Fee - $193

We require that all patients undergoing anesthesia have current blood testing (within 3 months) and a physical exam (within 3 months), which is not included in the spay/neuter price.

  • Comprehensive physical exam and consultation ($86 for established patients, $112 for new patients)
  • Pre-anesthetic blood testing ($186-$424, dependent on age and underlying conditions)